Wednesday, February 12, 2014

European Facial

All European facial massages begin with a facial cleanse. During the facial cleansing, foreign matter is removed from the skin, producing a clean, smooth surface for the extraction phase of the massage. Extraction is the process of removing any blackheads or pimples from the skin. Our experts sometimes use a magnifying glass to better identify any impurities that might not be visible otherwise.

The next step involves exfoliation which involves the removal of rough, dead skin cells from the face. This is either done chemically with facial peels, or mechanically by applying abrasives to the skin.

Next, a facial mask is applied after the exfoliation process is completed. The type of facial mask is chosen based on your individual skin type and any special skin issues you may have, such as dry skin, acne-prone skin or aging skin. Moisturizer is then applied to the skin to help the massage technician more easily massage your face.